Crevasse Prep Sink

Crevasse Prep Sink Kohler

Prep sinks just make sense. A larger kitchen with an island often call for additional access to plumbing so you can easily prep your next meal. The Crevasse Prep Sink by Kohler is a wonderful choice; at just 8 1/8″ total width, it doesn’t take up much space! Now the first thing I thought of when I saw this sink was: where is the faucet? Don’t they usually display an accompanying bar faucet so we can visualize using it? Oh but they are!


Cynchronus Faucet System on Crevasse Kohler Prep Sink

Now look at that, not only does the sink use less space horizontally, but vertically as well! It is fully equipped with Cychronus Rinsing Technology that streams water from one end of the trough style prep sink to the drain on the lower end (which connects to garbage disposals for ridding of prep and food refuse). At just the touch of an inventive little button, well done Kohler.

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