High to Low: Upholstered Headboards

High to Low Upholstered Headboard

Let us take a moment to consider the sculpted upholstered headboard. Comfortable in it’s environment, it oozes warmth and seems incredibly inviting. It is welcoming you this very moment to prop up against it after a relaxing bath for a light read with a good book. Can you spot the high, medium and low priced headboard? Take a moment and then view the answers below….


Upholstered Headboard Delano by Restoration Hardware

In our high spot today is A: the Delano Headboard by Restoration Hardware, upholstered in a natural vintage velvet with a brass nailhead embellishment for the regular price of $1495.00.

Upholstered Headboard York by Pottery Barn

The interesting shape of our medium priced headboard (C) is the York by Pottery Barn which is upholstered in a natural organic basket-weave fabric for only $799.00.

Velvet Headboard by Urban Outfitters

The Velvet Tufted Headboard by Urban Outfitters rounds out our collection as the low-priced headboard for only $348.00 (B). *Note that prices have all been compared in the Queen size.

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