Zebra Hardwood Flooring

Zebra Hardwood Floor

New on my radar is a fantastic company; Preverco. Preverco has one of the most versatile product lines available allowing you to choose plank size, hardwood to engineered, and stains to suit all levels in your home. And this hardwood has made me super excited, check out the Zebra 5 3/16″ plank hardwood, it is outstanding! It is no wonder this product is winning the praise of fellow designers; this floor is HAUTE! The red oak flooring is striking with rich black graining, and a white all over stain.  Not for the faint of heart, this floor hits a high note with contemporary and fun-traditional design. Picture lots of black paired up with this! I am seeing a trend leaning toward getting back to grains, and why not with domestic, local wood. Well done Preverco.

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The Perfect Breakfast Nook

banquette breakfast nook ashton isabella

Looking for the perfect spot to start the day? I can imagine champagne flutes brimming with orange juice served at this delightful dining set with a banquette seat for three. The banquette can be set against a large garden facing window for fabulous lighting, or against a wall with sconces for a more subdued and relaxing feel.  The ebony-hued frame and glass table top make this set a stunner. Next is the Isabella, a regal purple wing banquette makes a stunning wall anchor for this look. Available at Horchow.

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