Color Study: Hague Blue

The only blues I am feeling this cold January is this gorgeously grounding deep shade; Hague blue (pronounced h-AI-g).

How to use Hague blue:

The handsome and moody blue works very well for a front door paint color as shown above from Farrow & Ball. It is an excellent choice for painted cabinets if you like dark colours but want an alternative to black. Try it in accompanying accessories like this knitted blanket. There are many classic oil paintings that carry this hue, one of my favorites is Wanderer above a Sea of Fog (c. 1818) by Caspar David Friedrich. Framed and matted oils would be an excellent artwork choice if you have a room painted in this traditional shade. Gold or antique brass, warm brown woods like teak or walnut, and either a crisp white or ivory lend well to a palette featuring Hague blue.

Kitchen Sample Board:

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One response to “Color Study: Hague Blue”

  1. Caroline says:

    This colour is beautiful and exactly what I’ve been looking for, for my living room. Thank you for sharing.

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