The No Corner Kitchen

With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy a kitchen with NO CORNER CABINETS. Corner cabinets can be awkward and an often mismanaged bit of real estate when talking about precious cabinet storage space. In the example above by Whitten Architects, yes there is a corner, but it is inside a walk in pantry. I LOVE this layout! A pocket door hides your shelving, and the fridge has been built into the wall portion. See, neat and tidy!

OR, you could have your main cabinet run fit between two side walls, this is also a clean and efficient use of space and works well with an island in front for prep and as a gathering place as in this above example by Jason Ball Interiors.

Now if you must utilize a corner here are some suggestions:

A corner sink. This also requires planning ahead as you will want to have windows at the corner preferably. Examples above by Paragon (left), and HGTV (right). Read more

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Tile Backed Cabinets

A simple and effective way to add dimension to an (almost) all-white kitchen is to add texture. I love the use of subway tile to the backs of glass-door cabinets! Shown in the image above featured in Style at Home, the subway tile backsplash is carried into the tall display cabinets. It works incredibly well because they did not select a busy tile, or differing color, it blends in but adds a subtle depth that does not compete with anything that could be placed inside the cabinet itself.

In this scenario by 82mm, the countertop material is the same marble slab used for the backsplash, so the simple white subway tile offers a different material without competing for attention.

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Tray Vignettes

Styling your table tops by artfully displaying items of use or beauty is a wonderful way to avoid chaos. A tray provides parameters and a designated spot for items, for example; oils, and frequently used spices in a kitchen. Above are examples by Stylizimo (left), and the very instagram-worthy Kristin of Damernasvarld (right).

A clean desk is the best fresh start to the day, agreed? A tray is a great landing spot for items like a glass full of pencils, a pretty letter opener, or a pill-box full of stamps. The top right image is a simple acrylic tray with a pretty card stock cut to fit inside, see the tutorial here at Just A Girl. A deep sea-green tray houses desk curiosities (left) from The Everygirl.

Notice how a small vase of flowers instantly make this bedroom tray vignette incredibly dreamy? This image above from Moth Design has repurposed a Jonathan Adler match strike as a Q-tip holder.

So assemble the troops and get organized and stylized. Above is a collection of trays I have selected for every use (from top left to bottom right):

  1. Lucite and brass tray from the Jacques Collection by Jonathan Adler.
  2. Square marble tray from Williams Sonoma. *If placing an oil or wine bottle on true marble, try using a coaster to protect the porous material.
  3. Safari leather tray by Sarreid.
  4. Acacia rectangular wood tray by Lulu and Georgia.
  5. Greek key mirrored round tray by Williams Sonoma.
  6. Black melamine large serve tray by Target.
  7. Silver plate Malmaison tray by Christofle from Bloomingdales.
  8. Orange lacquered round wood tray by Lulu and Georgia.
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Vanity Sconces On Side Walls

These three lovely examples of half-bathroom vanity walls all have on thing in common; the wall sconces have been installed on the side walls. They are all still at about eye level, but 12″ from the corner, it cleans up the narrow wall on which the mirror is mounted and brings delicious light closer to your visage. The first example is by Archer & Buchanan Architecture Ldt., the second is by 41 West.

I would love to see an example of this in which a frameless mirror takes the entire remaining wall space (full width and full height above the vanity), this would allow the sconces themselves to be reflected, adding more light. A metallic grasscloth wallpaper would also highlight the side walls beautifully by carrying the light from the sconces along the reflective finish.

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Antelope Carpet by Stark

If you enjoy animal print and find cheetah overdone, this this THIS is what you could chose. The antelope print pattern is speckled with varied sizes of white spots; like a surprise dusting of large snow flakes on caramel-coloured earth. I just loved it in Nicole Hanley Mellon’s home as covered by Vogue (see image above). Read more

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