Crocodile Skin Textured Tiles

Crocodile Wall Floor Tile Print Pattern

I just bought a pair of black crocodile print Ann Marino pumps, they are gorgeous! And now, not only can I implement this great shiny smooth texture in my wardrobe, but in home decor as well. The Crocodile Decor Tiles come in numerous colors like black, white, even purple. The large size of each porcelain ceramic tile allows the pattern of scales to appear extremely realistic. $75 each (and more for some colors).

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Filigree Cupcake Wrapper

cupcake wappers

Wedding season is coming up and brides everywhere are looking for ways to add pretty touches for the main event! If you decide to serve cupcakes with or in lieu of a cake, consider these pretty Filigree Cupcake Wrappers. If you like the sophistication of damask and scrolls, then these laser cut liners are perfect! Other stylesare available as well, like stars or butterflies.

They are available in other colors too, like chocolate brown or black.

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Framed Wallpaper

Frames Wallpaper by Taylor and Woods

Frames” by Taylor & Wood is an interactive wallpaper that you can customize by placing your own images or drawings in each of the framed boxes. Fun for a kids room, or any playful living space in your home. This would be a great wallpaper for your mudroom/ family comunication center; just keep a stack of colored post-its and markers for family members to leave messages in the frames. Get creative and emblazen a favorite quote, or take out those Prismacolor Markers and let loose.

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