Dormer Desk Nook

Office Desk Nook in a Dormer Window Plum Champage and Pinks

While looking at floor plans for homes, I noticed several with fairly well-sized dormers. They were illustrated with a chair and that was all. There is so much more opportunity given to this space? Generally on the upper level of a home, these dormers usually are outfitted with windows that offer great views, so do something wonderful about it! Dormers can be a private spot since they are tucked away from the rest of the room they accompany, so a desk space/ reading nook is a perfect idea. The selection above is a collaboration I made of rich plum, champagne, pale lavender and grey. Chaise by Urban Outfitters, Desk by Crate and Barrel, Linen Chair by Overstock, Chandelier and Sconce by Home Depot, Bloom Cushion by Z Gallerie, Plum Cushion by Crate & Barrel, Rectangular Cushion by Room and Board, Glass Pull by CKP, Espirit Rug by Heine.

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Tiffany Blue Chic Office

Mary Macdonald Tiffany Blue Office

The designer of this chic office is Mary McDonald is based out of Los Angeles, and it’s just one of the many beautiful designs that are featured in her new book: Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style. It is a perfect spot for the creative at heart and has just enough sophistication and feminine vibes to keep it from becoming too stuffy or frilly. Notice the Audrey Hepburn print, isn’t it incredibly fitting on the Tiffany blue wall?!

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Display, Don’t Store Away!

etsy gathering splendor pink jade stones

Chances are that if you are crafty and like to make pretty things, you probably have a lot of gorgeous buttons, ribbons and beads to make them with. I implore you, do not store these gorgeous items away in boxes, and drawers! Why not enjoy them before they make their way to your next masterpiece. Just look that these pink jade stones by Gathering Splendor on Etsy, if they are tucked away out of site, you may forget you even purchased them in the first place. Pity.

Etsy Dahlia Cabuchons

My mother used to sew, and I remember when she would let me look through her box of buttons, I could spend hours looking through them, they were all so different and beautiful. These Dahlia Cabochons from MK Supplies are lovely little pieces just waiting to be put on view.

apothecary Jars assorted

Make your craft area a place you can’t wait to go and create! You could pour them into a larger glass apothecary jar like the one centered above by English Creek Gardens, Or you can opt to sort your collections by color and size into smaller jars like the far left one by Abbott, or the bulb shaped Dover jar on the far right by Artland. Was your New Year resolution to become organized? What better way to start than with junk drawers and craft nooks?

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Tissue Paper Pom Poms

birthday tissue pom poms

This New Year’s Eve, I am preparing for my little girl’s second birthday! And since my party flower of choice (peonies) are slightly harder to come by in the middle of the winter, I am going for the next best thing: Tissue Paper Pom Poms. I made several and hung them from the light fixture over the dining room table along with little bird models.

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