Miele Coffee System

miele coffee system

Here is a fantastic way to keep your counter-tops streamlined and appliance free, it will however, require a cabinet as this is a built-in model. 

Miele is a well known manufacturer of quality appliances, and the CVA 4080/4085 Coffee System is no exception.  Features abound like ten personalized memory capabilities and a steam spout and milk frother.  The clean lines of this unit would be very appealing in a urban sleek kitchen, or in the coffee nook in your boudoir- now THAT would be fabulous.

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Balcony Roof Window

Velux Roof Balcony Window Sky Light Cabrio
Adam and I love to tour around model homes and see new products and design ideas, two years ago we happened upon a 4-storey Bloomberg home in St. Jacobs.  The top level had dramatically sloping ceilings and to utilize the horizontal space was this absolutely lovely feature. The
Cabrio Balcony Roof Window by Velux allowed much more light to enter the room, and looked like a large skylight. 

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With so many great gadgets available to the modern home, one to consider when renovating would be a dumbwaiter.  A dumbwaiter is a fantastic help in the home whether you would use it for transporting morning breakfast, transferring freshly folded laundry, or firewood to a wood burning fireplace.  Dumbwaiters in older colonial homes were operated by pulley systems to bring cumbersome items from one floor level to another directly above or below.  New dumbwaiters have sophisticated engines, locks and lighting systems making the job even more convenient.  If you are considering installing one during a renovation, you must consider electrical hookup, and most importantly the space required for the shaft and mechanics.

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