Heating Up The Outdoors

Hyatt Valencia California Outdoor Fireplace at the Vines

I am back from my brother’s amazing wedding in Valencia, California and all I can think about is the amazing florals, great shopping, and all of the outdoor fireplaces. Everyone seems to have one! We stayed at the Hyatt Valencia, and dined each morning at Hyatt’s Vines Restaurant, I noticed the outdoor fireplace by the pool and finally on our last night we noshed on Molten Chocolate Cake and coffee and took in the subtle warmth from the fire as the cooler night air touched our newly tanned bare legs and arms. It is one of my favorite memories from California.


Outdoor fireplace in the Wilderness by Bnome

Who wouldn’t want to live in the outdoors with such temperate year-round weather, and what would make it more comforting than adding some night time heat via a fireplace? Take this substantial stone fireplace designed and built by Gnome Outdoor Living for example. It oozes warmth, I could just grab a blanket and relax there watching the flickering flames all night.

Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace

If you aren’t into thick wooden hearths and want something a tad more on the contemporary side, opt for the Kingsman Natural Gas Fireplace by Improvement Direct. When Selecting a fireplace, you should decide how much maintenance you want to put into it, and what you want to get out of your fireplace as well. For ease and low maintenance, a natural gas fireplace may be best for you, they are incredibly realistic! If you like the nostalgic crackling pops from a real wood burning flame, purchase a ready-made, or commission a mason to create a wood burning fireplace for the focal point in your yard.

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