Entertainment Sinks that Truly Entertain

Luna Sink

Kitchen renovations are on the rise and there are endless possibilities when considering what fun finds you may wish to include in your cuisine.  Consider an entertainment sink; they are fantastic if you have an island or peninsula large enough to incorporate one of these lovelies. The Luna Sink by Native Trails is more than three feet of prep and serve bliss! The area directly in-front of this stunner is perfect for preparing a salad, or for setting a serving platter of hors d’oeuvres with a plethora of chilled drinks in the sink.


brinx sink

For a smaller sink, the Brinx Sink by Kohler packs a punch for its’ size.  The sleek faceted walls of this sink offer a more contemporary flare for the modernist.  An extra sink, no matter what it’s size or shape helps define a new zone in your kitchen; whether it be for preparation, or just for the joy of entertaining.

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