What Happens in Vegas……

Moon Nightclub Hexagon Design Las Vegas
The Moon Nightclub at Palms Las Vegas has a very interesting bar. The staggered hexagonal mirrors act as a lighting source and as shelves.

oon Nightclub Side View of Hexagons in Bar
The clean lines of the hex shape gives off a very cool vibe, and one that can change as the lighting behind the mirrors can change into a full spectrum for ambience and fun.

High Roller Suite Las Vegas Hard Rock Bowling Alley Octagon Design by Kelly Wearstler
Also in Las Vegas, is this glamed out bowling alley in the high roller suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. Kelly Wearstler designed the mirror paneled octagon patterns.

Hexagon Marble Tiles Fuda Tile
But who said what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Besides Michael Scott that is. Get the look of these geometric gems at home by incoorporating them in design elements like tiled flooring. These marble hexagon tiles are from Fuda Tiles, and they are gorgeous.

Gilded Knot Mirror Horchow Octagon
The Gilded Knot Mirror from Horchow is a great easy way to add this shapely octagonal design to your walls.

Octagon Kitchen Undermount Sink
Oh, and everything to your kitchen sink. If you like single sinks, why not add some flare and go with the Empire Octagonal Kitchen Sink. It is an undermount too, which makes the granite cut-out that much more dramatic and noticeable.

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