High to Low: Individual Butter Dishes

Ah yes, the season of celebrations has commenced. I look forward to a parade of intimate dinners with family and friends, as I’ll be celebrating ten birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and finally Christmas (it is coming sooner than you think)! For dressing our tables for these more formal parties, wouldn’t these individual butter dishes be a perfect table accessory? Take a look, these dishes range from $5 to $420, can you tell which is which?

Individual Butter Dishes High to Low

A. The Vertigo Individual Butter Dish from Bloomingdale’s:  $257
B. The Bell Butter Dish by La Rochere: 2,83€ ($420)
C. The Individual Butter Dish by Crate and Barrel: $4.95

I am all about the thoughtfulness and convenience of these sweet little dishes. They are very versatile as well, you can use them for jams, jellies, so get creative. I have square butter dishes, and I plan using them quite a bit in the up coming months!

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