What’s in a Name?

bonfire pie

As a child I always wondered just who would be lucky enough to have the job of naming new colors for various products like nail polish, or lipstick, or paint?! That would be the dream job; I imagined a small panel of artists sitting around a large white table conjuring up delicious names that could sway a person like me to purchase “Plump Plum” over “Black Licorice”.  A couple months ago I found an online name-that-color contest and had a blast thinking up different names for new paint colors, and they chose one! So here it is! The tone is from General Paint’s “Down to Earth” line; it is full of rich and natural colors. I called this one “Bonfire Pie”, now excuse me while I cross off one more line on my life-goals list. Next Up: Sky-diving? Um, maybe not.

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