An Evening With Your Valentine

Sometimes Adam and I like to go out for Valentines the day before or after the 14th so we miss the packed out restaurants and parking lots. We still make Valentines day a special occasion as an extra special dinner is planned for enjoyment at home. The bonus is that you get two days to celebrate! Here is what your evening could look like chez moi:

From top left to bottom right:

Pour an after dinner coffee into these Gold Stripe Thermal Mugs by Kate Spade for an evening walk, $18.00.

Gold is a romantic touch to the Fortessa Lucca Faceted Flatware Set by Sur La Table, $60.00 for a set of 5.

These Champagne Gummy Bears have a grown up taste, by Sugarfina starting at $8.50.

Enjoy a glass of your favorite “house” red wine in the Truro Gold Wine Glass at Neiman Marcus, $40.00 each.

Elements of lovingly prepared home cooked meals are evident when served on a handcrafted Red Sunset Dinnerware found on Etsy.

Select fresh flowers that are unscented for your table like these beautifully layered Ranunculus or Poppies.

Other tips:

Get a great cut of steak and pan sear it indoors if you live in a COLD climate like we do. I have had fantastic results with this method for cooking the perfect steak by Gordon Ramsay; click here.

One votive in a cut crystal holder will set a delicious mood.

Oh, and you can never go wrong with chocolate for afters!

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