Tree Stump End Table

I finally found a set of reading chairs for our office after much searching, but they were so unique I had a hard time deliberating what ottoman to get. That was when I remembered tree stump tables. Of course! Distinctive on their own and very fashionable, the tree stump end table was a perfect solution. All that was required was to select a marbling wood that complemented the frame of the chairs.

tree stump table reclaimed round

There are so many reasons to love them; many artists leave the natural edges and burls leaving a gorgeous top and side graining, most are from reclaimed wood so they are a “green” product, not one is the same as another. Picking one out is much like selecting a piece of art, and then once you bring it home, positioning it can be fun since no side is the same either.
And substantial! We are talking about a massive hunk of wood here. Either way whatever way you select a table, be it teak root, or ebony stained, there is certainly one for your space.

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