Woman Cave: Art Bar


A woman needs her space, so ladies now is the time to convert your backyard shed into your own personal getaway! As a painter myself I would encourage you to get back to your creative roots. Place a painting easel in the corner with a comfy stool like the Camira Blue Wool Stool for hours of painting. Sip peppermint tea or cool lemonade from these sumptuous glasses and enjoy the sweet smell of fresh peonies. Of course a pretty chaise would be necessary for relaxing moments to refresh your inner artist.  Essentials would include jars of paint brushes ready at your fingertips and a bar cart to wheel outdoors to a stone patio to paint “en plein air”.

For unique finds like these, visit the Charish website which is devoted to impeccably curated vintage pieces. Check out their current bar stool collection to find the one that will suit your woman cave.

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