Charcoal and Pewter and Gray, Oh my!

Grays are making a big impact! Although subtle and more of a background noise kind of color, grey can be so versatile, and neutral without going to basic beige. I am referring to a warmer grey- a comforting tone, think thick wool mittens, weathered wood plankscashmere in a soft dove gray.  How does this translate to design? Here are some suggestions:

Velvet Headboard in Gray


A headboard in a deeper pewter color anchors the bed and the velvet fabric is such a lovely texture. If you are adding lots of grays, differing textures is a great idea. Add smooth glossy nickel in the form of a lamp base, or interesting cabinet pulls.

Gray Silk Curtains with appricot accents nursery

You can use grays to cool down a warm palette, like the grey curtains in this apricot and cream nursery designed by Suellen Gregory.

Gray Kitchen Martha Stewart

Even kitchens like this one for Martha Stewart are getting into the swing of these nature-worn shades. Doesn’t this kitchen seem welcoming, like a warm bowl of clam chowder? Kitchen Craft kitchens has added two new shades in their product line: Portabello and Weathered Slate on Maple- both utterly fantastic!

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