Diagonal Bookcase

Diagonal Bookcase Viceroy Santa Monica designed by Kelly Werstler

There is a great trend towards diagonal bookshelves. Kelly Wearstler designed this built-in beauty in Viceroy in Santa Monica. Simple lines on a diagonal pattern create visual movement and a bold dark color puncuates this book case.

Diagonal Bookcase in Bar Marfil Mur Muri by Kelly Hoppen

Bar Marfil in hotel Mur Muri has this lovely feature wall with diagonal bookcase designed by designer Kelly Hoppen.

Diagonal Bookshelves built-in residential

This residential diagonal bookcase is a custom built-in unit where the homeowner can artfully display his beloved hardcovers and paperbacks. The trend is growing too, I have noticed this style of bookshelves in retail locations and even television show sets like Moonlight. A very fun way to store your books!


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