Luxury Kitchens by Clive Christian

Luxury Kitchen by Clive Christian

Clive Christian is a company for luxury homes of the world. This luxury kitchen is decked out with light painted cabinetry and many pieces of richly carved corbels and scrolled details. With such a large and open room, you can have auxiliary features such as the two ornate display cabinets with niches for limestone sculptures. Because nothing says excess like a kitchen that also serves as an art exhibition. Oh the vanity! 

But I love it.


Clive Christian Luxury Kitchen
The heritage look of this cuisine is accomplished with heavy oak framed doors and latch style door hardware. The floating island in the center lessens the heaviness of the darker wood color and thick graining. I particularly like how the angle of the corbelled footings are mirrored in the marble countertop.  

Clive Christian luxury Kitchens
This kitchen is another Clive Christian showpiece. See the repetitive patterns and symmetry? The darker stained wood accents above the range and sink add visual interest. There are Clive Christian locations worldwide, and a VIP Design Service located in England.

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