Loft Size Appliances

GE Appliances Loft Series

You have no idea just how excited I was when I found these appliances! They are stainless steel and look pretty much the same as all the other appliances out there you say? Well, yes, but LOOK at the overall dimensions! 24″…..for a fridge? Pricing is not to shabby either. For the average suburban homeowner this may not be a big deal, but for a cramped condo city dweller, the smaller appliances mean so much more. What does it mean? Well, 24″ or so of increased cabinet space goes a long way way when you don’t have place to store dishtowels, pots, or dry pantry items.

 These appliances would be a great idea for compact units needed when adding a secondary kitchen in your in-law suite/ basement rec. room/ man cave/ attic design studio. Can you handle it?!

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