Linear Shower Drains by QuARTz

linear shower drains by QuARTz

This is a different way of thinking about shower drains. It is usually the least thought about aspect in a shower installation. If it isn’t selected by the customer, the plumber will just supply whatever inexpensive chrome circular drain assembly he has rolling around in the back of his truck. Does this sound like the way you want to cap off your super haute walk in shower? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


QuARTz linear shower drain tile

A linear drain from QuARTz by ACO is a long rectangular shower drain that can even be faced with the same tile you are installing on the shower floor.

linear shower drain

The stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze drains are meant to fit in effortlessly into the sleek design you have been looking for. And here is the best part:

Shower Drain Installation

My tile guys loathe installing walk in shower floors, when done in the traditional way that is. The floor has to be sloped on four plains to channel water to the central drain. This can mean you have to opt for smaller tiles like 4×4, or 2×2 in order to rest nicely on the concave floor. But see the install method for linear drains? You can slightly slope the floor on one plain only! This means you can use a 24″x 24″ tile if you really want to, and the installers will want to kiss you for making the install that much sleeker, or they just might charge you less on labour. Yes, let’s go for the last suggestion.

LED activated shower drains rectangular

Did I mention you can get optional LED lights that are activated by water? Amazing.

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  1. Karri Wilde says:

    Where does a homeowner find LED lights for the trench drain that are activated by water? I love this idea!! THANKS!

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