Suite Over Garage


I love the idea of guest rooms or studios built over a garage. If they are separate from the home, they offer privacy that guests or someone with a home office can really enjoy. The Tower Studio seen above by architect Peter Brachvogel is a great example of a well designed guest house that pairs nicely with the main home’s architecture. See the upper floor plan below:


As you can see the space is laid out with essential needs for guests and the lovely perk of a kitchenette. Who wouldn’t be pleased to stay in this little getaway. The top image shows the homeowner did not opt for any interior walls but went for windows all around which may be more suitable for a studio or office use.


Here is another interesting secondary suite by the same architect, it is a multipurpose room that unifies the separate garages and makes an entry way underneath for easy access to the backyard; welcoming by all accounts.

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