Cuelight Pool Table for Esquire

Esquire’s most recent Ultimate Bachelor Pad is now unveiled in SoHo and is it ever dressed to impress. In the main area you’ll find the Cuelight Pool Table by Obscura Digital. Special sensors track the movement of the billiard balls below, the sensors then activate the projector above that creates the illusions you see. You can customize the reactions to look like water, streaks of lights, or make movement reveal an image. Obscure digital is known for their inovative creations that help companies advertise in new and different ways, that is how this works so well for Esquire, just pop a picture in of the latest cover. iJustine toured the Esquire SoHo house (check out the amazing black glossy ceiling at 2:56 on her video) and featured this pool table. The Cuelight projector can be installed over an existing pool table, you just need a place above to mount it. You know, I could totally see Google picking up acouple of these for their staff.

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