Stainless Steel Mystic Entertainment Sink

wave mystic sink

With your kitchen as the heart of the home- speed up its pulse with the “Mystic” entertainment sink by Elkay. A kitchen island is the perfect home for this fabulous sink, just fill it with ice to chill drinks next time you are hosting a gathering. Who said flowers are the best centerpieces?

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Natural Quartz Countertop by Cambria

cambria quartz
We see a lot of people upgrading to Granite when choosing a new countertop to cap off their three-years in the making kitchen project, but have they done their homework or are they just following suit for their own McMansion?  Don’t get me wrong- there is a phenomenal beauty to a natural slab of stone with irregular veining, but I prefer quartz.  I like the classic appeal of consistency offered in quartz, not to mention it is twice as strong as granite.  Read more
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