Faux Plaster Ceiling


The ceiling is one of the most ignored planes in the design world. However, with a thoughtfully executed plan, the result is delightful and can add such drama. Decoright is a company based out of Russia with fantastic capabilities to create a faux plaster ceiling. Classical motifs with attention to scale and detail are carefully recreated to fit perfectly in any room.


Here is a geometric pattern painted black.


The ceilings are drawn up to scale with 3D programs, and mocked up using modern technology to design the best configuration for any ceiling that is now looking quite drab.

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Starburst Pull


When considering to freshen up a room, an easy but oft forgotten accessory is cabinet hardware. Much like changing your earrings to pull a look together, these baubles can add so much. Consider the starburst pull by Pulp Home. They would be darling on a feature side table, vanity cabinet, or any key piece you would only need two to four maximum.

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Wishbone Serving Bowls


Here is to wishing you a wonderful time spent with those whom you love! With so much holidays spent enjoying delicious treats and savoury dishes, why not serve them up in these hopeful glass dishes with golden wishbones?


I am seeing wishbones everywhere, like these coffee table wishbone paperweights by High Street Market, and even as napkin rings and necklaces worn by everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kristen Bell! Make a wish!

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Fantastic Wallpaper Maps


What is it about maps that intrigue us? Maps make us ponder where we have been, where we are going, and just the wonderful notion that our world is so very much bigger than we are. I love the wallpaper maps by wallpapered.com, especially the vintage maps like this Antique Map of Paris from 1800. They are available in many sizes and customizable as well. They would be lovely on a feature wall, imagine them in the location of a headboard, or ordered in a custom size to fit a panel framed wall.

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Faux Fur Travel Throws

Looking to gift a jet setter or interested in a luxe faux fur throw for yourself? There are plenty of options; like the faux fur throws on the top left from Restoration Hardware, regularly $99, or perhaps the Neiman Marcus’ Faux Mink Travel Blanket for $95 on the top left. The faux mink is in the new 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book!


This Faux Fox Fur Throw from Gluckstein Home is available at The Bay is $149 CAD but on sale now for $89.99!

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Loro Piana Lucky Mouse Pouch

Oh the dear little treasures children find and keep, and where to place them? The Italian fashion house Loro Piana is known for generations of incredible craftsmanship and quality, take their endearingly sweet Lucky Mouse Pouch above. It is made of buttery soft deerskin and darling studs imprinted with the LP signature. A child gifted with this pouch is lucky indeed.

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Artifacts by Kohler


The Artifacts faucet line by Kohler is a selective faucet line with much to select from. There are three handle choices, as well as three spouts in gorgeous traditional and industrial looks anyone could love. The spout designs are teapot, bell, and column, and the handles are available as prong, swing and lever. Here are my two favorites: Read more

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Suite Over Garage


I love the idea of guest rooms or studios built over a garage. If they are separate from the home, they offer privacy that guests or someone with a home office can really enjoy. The Tower Studio seen above by architect Peter Brachvogel is a great example of a well designed guest house that pairs nicely with the main home’s architecture. See the upper floor plan below: Read more

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Collette Side Table

Collette Side Table by James Magni

The design of the Collette side table is a stunning example of James Mangi’s “Global Modernism” that studs another star in his prestigious acclaim. Named as one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers list, James is known for his personal style and how that reflects some as elemental as this furniture design. The solid cast brass side table has organic and strongly weaved lines.

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The Case Of The Well Lit Mirror

Electric MIrror Integrity built in light

Lighting is everything. Functionality of a room, aesthetics, and appreciation for what goes into designing a room can all be lost if not for the case of well lighting. And these darling mirrors from Electric Mirror are a fantastic example of thoughtful design. A light placed above a mirror can cause your reflection to have an interrogation room feel, which is just great for first thing in the morning. Lights placed on wither side of a mirror cannot always be done if space will not allow for it, and that eats into the wall space you have allowed for a mirror. So build it in, have the light frame your face the way photographers use reflector panels to give proper exposure of light.

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