How To: Applied Panels

moulding applied

Wall Panels are a beautiful way to add visual interest to a room, and you would be surprised how simple it is to achieve! The image above is an applied moulding stained to match the wood veneer on the walls, much like a burlap moulding like this one:


burlap moulding paneling

This particular moulding is #00967 burlap moulding by Alexandria Moulding.

applied moulding framed blue

This gorgeous panel moulding looks more difficult, but just requires a 1″ x 4″ board flanked by a base cap moulding. What ties it all together is the painted finish.

moulding molding applied wall decor

The mouldings used here are #CR688 Base Cap, and #03186 Board.

So go for it, you don’t even need to have the panels all the same size. A large bottom panel and large top panel (above a chair rail) works well, just be sure the top and respective lower panel have the same widths. For panel sizes, look at the proportion of your walls and consider framing a large piece of artwork and flanking it with narrow panels for example. Applied Panelling done well is timeless.

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