Designing with Bold Murals

In 2015 Brian Gluckstein spearheaded the design for the Princess Margaret Showhome, and my favorite part was the large mural in the dining room that took up nearly the whole wall. It was a custom print made from a classic oil painting.

There are some excellent murals available if you are looking to pack a serious artistic punch.

Pictured above is the Dark Floral Wallpaper mural by Anewall, it has a grounded black background, and so many ivory and subtle pinks or blues to choose from for when selecting your room accents.

Tips when designing around a mural:

  1. The space the mural fits into is just as important as the mural itself, you should never put a mural up with out natural parameters to frame it, like other walls, or a wainscot look of panel moulding to frame it. The mural should never just float in the middle of an open wall.
  2. Paint the wall behind the mural the same colour as the main tone found in the mural, this is just in case humidity conditions cause the wallpaper to shrink showing seams between the panels, and is nice for the corners just in case the spot it is fitting into isn’t perfectly square.
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