The Importance of Being Organized: Closet Edition

Mariah Carey Shoe Closet

Wow, ladies can I get an amen for this closet?! It’s actually the celebrity closet of Mariah Carey and all these shoes live here in her Manhattan Penthouse.  Shoes are an investment, and this is like a Fort Knox treasure trove, why not have these lovelies on such a elaborate and wonderful display?  Closet space is important, as well as how you use it! I believe we should all simplify, and I agree with throwing out or giving away items you do not use or wear in a year.  Once you have done that, create a magic little color-coordinated haven for them.  I really mean it- just think of how happy you will feel walking into a well lit, organized heaven of a closet in the morning!


Young Hollywood Organized Walk In Closet

Like this Young Hollywood closet, if you have an entire room (even if it is much smaller), you can have fun with the space by adding center islands for folding, storage, or display.  Display?- Oh yes, you can display your favorites just like they did at your favorite boutique where you paid so much for your wardrobe.  Think mannequin heads for hats, and Dress Forms.

Walnut Platinum Organized Closet

If you don’t have a large space, you should at least design a wall to wall configuration that best fits your dresses, pants and shirts in a way that makes it easy to spot everything at once.

Pink Kids Closet Organized

How adorable is this little girl’s closet?  Bins and small pull out shelves create a pretty arrangement for storing all those sweet cardigans and stripped leggings.

Hobby Storage Organized Closet

This goes for craft or hobby storage and other areas as well, you won’t end up having to buy six more of something you already have but forgot about when you dumped it in the back of a closet last Spring.  Simplify and organize people!  You’ll be so happy you did.
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