All Fired Up: Outdoor Edition

River Rock Fire Bowl Fire Pit Restoration Hardware

The most time I spend outdoors is typically in the evening, so I pay particular interest to lighting up the outdoors. The River Rock Fire Bowl by Restoration Hardware is a steal at $699 regularly when compared to custom made which can range to the mid-thousands. The look of concrete and weathered grays is very warm and relaxing, isn’t it?


Duomo Lantern

You don’t need to invest too much into night-lighting either, simple lanterns come in various sizes. Note that if you want to pack a punch with lanterns, go for 2 or 3 in a large size for that perfect accent. Here are the Duomo Lanterns in a weathered zinc finish.

Kemper Lantern

The Kemper Lanterns by Z Gallerie are a striking and simple design of glass and metal, and they also happen to be on sale today! So go shed some light on those dark corners in your backyard, it will make it oh so cozy as you watch your next sunset.

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