Your Office: Urban Retreat or Hidden Workspace

kevin deevey architect backyard studio

Whether you have the joy of working from home, or like a space to do your personal filing after your 9-5, a home office is getting a lot more importance in today’s functioning home.  How much space you require and the tasks involved with your personal office will determine your options. Architect Kevin Deevey needed a home work space that could take him away from his modest sized home and 2 small children.  Just steps away in his own backyard, Kevin came up with this fantastic 10′ x 10′ office.  It houses his computer and drawing board and looks smart with a commercial curtain wall front allowing plenty of light. 


Desk Home Office in Closet Space

If you do not have an entire room to dedicate to your home office, a closet space works very nicely! Especially since a closed closet door or curtain conceals this valuable space very well.  This light and airy closet workspace was created in a San Francisco home;  open white shelves, and an uncluttered desk make this home office a great tucked away gem.

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