Office by Gluckstein

Four Seasons Sales Office by Brian Gluckstein

Since “The Office” is back and Michael Scott fans can rejoice, Lets feature a fabulous office shall we? This Four seasons Sales Office was designed by golden boy Brian Gluckstein of Gluckstein Design Planning Inc. Gosh I love him! He really does have a Midas touch, whether it be through a phenomenal mastery of rich neutrals or furniture selection. 


Four Seasons Sales Office by Brian Gluckstein

Do you notice all the framed panels on the walls? –Brian’s millwork details are amazing and so subtle, he knows that architectural details are sometimes more important than the decor you put in the room after. You know the feeling you get when you walk into an old building that is unfurnished, but beautiful because of all the cornices, crown moldings and ornate window transoms, the ones that elude to nothing but the best; like oversized oil paintings, antique chaises and Italian fabrics? -That is a Gluckstein design ladies and gentlemen. This office design won a 2007 Award of Merit by ARIDO.

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