Get This Look: Chic Home Office

Get This Look: Chic Home Office

Windham Writing Desk $249

Flocked Damask Wallpaper $169

Gentry Chair $539.95-$782.95

Black Chandelier $179

Brushed Chrome Pharmacy Desk Lamp $139.91

Hot Pink Silk Cushion with Leather Corsage 42.75

Pink Indian Silk Drapery Fabric by Kravet #8486-717

  Helpful Home Office Tips: What colors should you consider when selecting one for your home office?  Colors that are well suited for a home office are soft grays, silver blues and warm tans; they enhance creativity and provide a setting for deep thinking.  Pink and silvery blue inspire and encourage innovation and thought- perfect for a writer.  For efficiency, black accents, deep blues, and toned down greens work very well so you will too.  When positioning your desk, don’t put your back to the door, or face a corner.  Have a large window and lots of natural light if possible, and sheers or blinds for those particularly sunny and distracting days.

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