My Favorite Designer; Brian Gluckstein

Brian Gluckstein Interior Designer the Gluck

When I was just a student in Interior Design, I started to follow the latest and the greatest interior designers.  I loved seeing their accomplishments and outstanding projects, the same passion I had, but in full circle.  I couldn’t wait to graduate and get going on projects of my own!  After graduation, I came across a genius of a designer upon perusing the 2004 Awards by ARIDO; Brian Gluckstein.  Gluckstein Design Planning Inc. had won an honorable mention for their design in One St. Thomas.


The One St. Thomas by Brian Gluckstein Interior Designer ARIDO Award

I am sure I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why this particular living room stood out to me.  Perhaps it was the colors; I had never seen muted grays, black and weathered olive displayed with such flair, perhaps it was the Mies van der Rohe-esque twin ottomans, and perhaps it was the perfect symmetry which was just dripping with elegance.  I was going to remember this designer and pay particular attention if the name ever came up again.Fast forward to last October, where I found myself at the CityLine design show in Toronto, just guess who the knowledgeable designer was?  It was the Gluck himself, and I did get to meet him and get a photo of us together- he is as nice as he is talented! So stay posted and I’ll introduce you to more influential designers.


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