Inspirational Decor Colors in Makeup

makeup colours

All girls know how important their shades of makeup are, and what suits one, just won’t work for another; funny how that can be said of decor coloring.  The makeup industry is tied with fashion and home elements respectively and this is true in color trends as well.  So for some fresh design inspiration, take a nod from the companies who keep us looking our best, and focus intently on color. Black Cherry Chutney by OPI is part of their new India inspired line of lacquers, the deep purple would be an amazing accent wall color or splash of color in a room via cushions and grapes,….I mean drapes. Avon’s Glazewear Diamonds Eye Color in Turquoise Dream is a nice note for spring, in a spa like bath with all white everything else, or fun kids’ room color.  Did you know that some stores that sell paint can color-match pretty much anything you have that you’d like to replicate on your walls?

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