Outdoor Lighting

Luau Portable Lantern

If you are like me and light candles constantly, than you appreciate the necessity of luminaries for your outdoor spaces.  The Luau Portable Lamp is lit by a 50W equivalent LED that can last 6-10 hours once charged.  It can be lit while on it’s charger and it lights up automatically when lifted from the base.  This would be perfect for a stroll down to the lake front in the late hours.

Glass Lantern

The Pressick Lanterns by Pottery Barn come in two sizes and fun colors like sea-worthy blues, mossy green, clear and tangerine orange. The splashy colored glass protects the flame from being blown out by a breeze and creates a beautiful glow.  Set these lantern around your patio or hang them over a table for a late night chat with the girls.

Citronella tealights

Another summer necessity are citronella candles, they work wonders keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay and they have a lemony natural fragrance. I found packages of citronella tea lights at Zehrs grocers last summer and I am keeping stocked up on these babies. You can get 50 tea lights for $7.98 (Canadian), so I will usually fill as many cut glass candle holders as I can find and place them around my deck. Lighting is everything.

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