Kitchen Seating

Kitchen Seating Louis XV Chairs Suzanne Kasler

Kitchens are the core of the home, and so it only deems appropriate that you linger there comfortably. Whether it be with family, a friend, or even if it is just yourself with an afternoon tea; a proper place to sit and enjoy only makes sense. This gorgeous white painted kitchen is accented nicely with a harvest wooden table and pale green upholstered Louis XV chairs. What a lovely contrasting compliment and surprising choice from the standard built in island and stools. This kitchen was designed by Suzanne Kasler.


Kitchen Seating Bench Built In Banquette 

The built in bench seating in this kitchen is a wonderful respite! With enough floor space to spare, a large armchair and ottoman faces the banquette.  Low windows in a kitchen can be a wonderful feature, not something to be worked around but embraced, just as this kitchen has.


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