Meet at the Apartment

Meet at the Apartment Exterior Black and Pink New York

What do you get when you mix a brand marketing pro, and an executive from a successful hotel group? -A fantastic idea! “Meet at the Apartment” is a space in downtown New York meant for business meetings and the like. Need a haute spot to launch an idea, talk to clients, pitch your homerun? This meeting spot is a fantastic concept, especially in a world of home offices. Whatever the case, or reason, this place is sure to impress. Here is the exterior.


Meet at the Apartment new York Outside Neighborhood

The neighborhood. By the by, notice the spiraled and vine-like graphics on the front windows? I am guessing that is a custom wall stick?

Meet at the Apartment new York Parlour Smoke Chair Pink Black wallpaper

The Parlour. This space is outfitted with a 65″ presentation screen, iMac workstation, and conferencing system. I just love the deep black and pink wallpaper and oh that chair!!!! Do you recognize it? That is the smoke chair!

Meet at the Apartment new York Library Black wallpaper

The Library. Fun high-back chairs don’t you think?

Meet at the apartment Kitchen White

The kitchen. The stark contrast of the white is actually really nice, it helps balance out the intense dark colors through-out the majority of the rest of the space. It is also fully stocked with candy and drinks. There is nothing like a sugar rush to get the creative juices going!

black smoke chair

There are other rooms too, like a conference room, brain-storming room, and lounge. They also have quite a nice menu with delicious options from Taste Catering. What a smart space too!




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