Burj al-Arab Hotel

Burj al-Arab Hotel

The Burj al-Arab Hotel in Dubai is the world’s only 7-star hotel, it became the world’s tallest hotel in 1999 after 6 years of construction. The shape of the iconic building resembles the sail of a Dhow swollen with the warm breeze drifting to shore from the Arabian Gulf.

Burj al-Arab Hotel Interior Levels

The interior of the Burj al-Arab is incredibly luxurious, only the very best materials were selected under the discerning eye of Khuan Chew; the Design Principal of KCA International.  All of the suites have 2 levels, and they run about $28000 per night.  This includes a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, private reception desk on every floor, highly trained butlers, and even details like your choice from 13 different kinds of pillows, your stay is personalized for you. The opulence of each detail in the suites are matched only by accompanying technology like controlling the 42-inch plasma screens, to closing your curtains. Floor to ceiling windows offer breathtaking views.

Burj al-Arab Hotel Aquarium Restaurant

The hotel offers in-house amenities like a tennis court helipad, spas, and 10 restaurants that treat the eye as well as the palette.  The Al Mahara (The Oyster) is a restaurant centered around a large aquarium. The water-like iridescence of the light reflecting off of the selected finishes creates an underwater adventure.  Who wouldn’t love to spend a holiday in this hot spot?!

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