Virginia Vintage Hardwood Floor

virginia vintage hardwood

I read an article four years ago about condo owners paying the Amish to carefully tear down old decrepit barns, to refinish the gorgeously thick slabs of wooden beams and planks so they could nail them to subfloor in their Toronto abodes.  If every antique piece of furniture tells a story, that one would be fabulous for your flooring.  There is wonderful appeal to that which points us back in time, simpler times, like the wide planks from towering trees that we haven’t seen the likes of since the aforementioned barns were built).


Virginia Vintage Engineered Hardwood Floor Flintlock

There is no need to go through all that trouble to procure a timeworn flooring for yourselves- Anderson’s Virginia Vintage Line has a line of hard wood floors, available in 3”,5”and 7” planks, and are individually hand-stained (sometimes with three different colors), and best of all; individually shaped by hand by artisans!  I am intrigued by the Flintlock on Hickory, and it is kinder to our tree population since this one is an engineered hardwood which also means it has great stability.

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