Stunning Amy Butler Rugs

Amy Butler Caracas Rus Red Colorful

POW! BOFF! BAM! No, you aren’t reading onomatopoeia’s from a Batman comic, but these would be the sounds of colour and pattern coming to life from an Amy Butler Rug. Each pattern of these hand-tufted rugs are bursting with vibrancy. Gone are the wash of blah blah neutral throw rugs, kick it up a notch and live alittle, and for goodness sake add some much needed colour in your life. Oh my, these rugs do get me going don’t they? This hot number is called Caracas.


Amy Butler Rugs Coventry Chrysanthemum

And here we have Coventry and Chrysanthemum respectively.

Lacework Rug Amy Butler

Lacework is a bit more subdued in pale tones like cornflower blue and lemongrass greens. This would be a cottage favorite, I could base the design of an entire summer house off this one!


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