Translucent Deluxe Cutlery

Translucent Deluxe Cutlery

While I am snowed in on this lovely wintery Saturday, my mind is gladly elsewhere.  I am conjuring up warm feelings while thinking about spring and what its warm and eminent arrival will entail.  I am going to get an even tan this year, I am going to ride my bicycle to work every day, and I am going on far more picnics!  I am thinking of sandwiches on baguettes, cheese, sparkling water, and these gorgeous Italian-inspired cutlery sets!

 This 16-pc plastic cutlery set is decorated with a floral motif typical of 19th century Italian silverware.  They are available in sugar-induced-coma colors like Purple, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, and Green as well as still very fun Black and Clear options.  It is even strong enough to put through the dishwasher, and perfect for that French Outdoor Dinner Party you’ve been planning. 

Translucent Deluxe Cutlery Colors

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