Fiesta Lemongrass and Chocolate

lemongrass fiesta dinnerware new color

I am not sure what it is about the fun and colorful Fiesta dinnerware that has me so enamored, but I find it irrisistable, and I am slowly building my collection. New to the Fiesta family is the color Lemongrass.  It seems that the punchier-than-celadon green is gearing towards the younger crowd that is new to Fiesta, and sure to be future devotees joining in with the large population of longtime patrons to the USA made brand. Lemongrass is now available in stores.

Fiesta Dinnerware Chocolate
In October 2008, the delicious Chocolate color was introduced with much positive feedback. An earthy tone to be paired with some of the other colors was very welcome! What is so great about the fiesta line is that you can get a couple peices of dinnerware in complementing tones and change them up to match your dinner theme, season, or even new napkins. 
Fiesta Dinnerware Chocolate Combination Colors
Here is a great example of pairing colors of the Fiesta line together, the ivory, cobalt, peacock and chocolate go great together. It works so well since there isn’t a flurry of patterns to be reckoned with, just bold, rich colors on a thick, well weighted plate.  

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