Pink and White Nursery

Pink and White Nursery Junior League of Toronto Showhouse 2009

This darling nursery was designed professionally for the Junior League of Toronto Showhouse this year. A grand showhouse is outfitted quinquennially by top designers and open to the public for viewing and is worth a visit. This year designers like Brian Gluckstein and Kimberley Seldon were part of the envisionaries. The McLean House (this years choice home) is a large scale mansion with equally grand-sized windows and doors with deep molded jambs. So, it is very fitting to see a large patterned wallpaper like this pink and white scrolled design.  The large silk swath of fabric around the oval crib and three-panel dressing mirror do not feel out of place either despite their size. In fact, anything smaller would be dwarfed by the magestic natural allure of the abode.

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