Point of Use Water Heaters

Point of Use Water Heaters

Ever wonder when you take a shower at a large hotel how hot showers are instant no matter how many people may be running hot water the same time as you?  I used to think that a hotel must have to store fantastic amounts of hot water heaters to supply such a demand! Inline electric water heaters (tank-less water heaters that heat water at the point of use) are used and save amazing amounts of energy and provide zero wait time for warm water.  Let’s get green and save our money and resources by making smart changes in our homes! Here is an excerpt from an online article that is very thought provoking:

A recently released report, by the OPA, states that 33% of Ontario electricity consumption is due to “electric home water heaters”, according to a Toronto Star article by Peter Gorrie, Feb 4 2006. What took OPA so long to figure this out? You would have thought that someone would have thought of inline electric water heaters, a long time ago. Inline electrical water heaters are an obvious solution to reduce electricity consumption. Inline electrical water heaters, raise the water temperature to the usage temperature as its being used and thus save energy as follows. This means: No standby loss. No dilution loss. No exhaust loss (as in natural gas water heaters).

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