The Case Of The Well Lit Mirror

Electric MIrror Integrity built in light

Lighting is everything. Functionality of a room, aesthetics, and appreciation for what goes into designing a room can all be lost if not for the case of well lighting. And these darling mirrors from Electric Mirror are a fantastic example of thoughtful design. A light placed above a mirror can cause your reflection to have an interrogation room feel, which is just great for first thing in the morning. Lights placed on wither side of a mirror cannot always be done if space will not allow for it, and that eats into the wall space you have allowed for a mirror. So build it in, have the light frame your face the way photographers use reflector panels to give proper exposure of light.

Electric Mirror Elite lit mirror

The Elite lit mirror seen here in a clever powder room tucked under stairs adds so much ambience, you could use the LED lit mirror to be the primary source of light in a small area such as this.


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