Heat Sensitive Tiles

Heat sensitive tiles

The Northern Lights inspired tile line by Moving Color is a technicolor wonder of spectacular proportions.  These 4×4 glass tiles are black at room temperature, but all that changes with a turn of the shower taps; a gradual spectral display of the aurora borealis in your very own shower would make for a delightful morning treat. Wouldn’t these be fun in a guest bath? I love surprises. I saw the real phenomenon only once in the Muskoka region way back when I was in teen summer camp, I jipped myself out of the true experience watching the Northern Lights as I didn’t have contacts back then and I refused to wear my so-not-cool glasses, from what I could see it was beautiful, oh the things we do for our summer crushes.

 Oh yes, and some other fun tile variations that Moving Color has are the Crocodile-skin texture of the Arroyo tiles which changes color in differing temperatures highlighting the pattern, and the Nectar listello accent tile that glows in deliciously flirty-fun warm hues.   

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