Erosion Concrete Sink

erosion sink concrete

Erosion can be a force to be reckoned with, we can try to prevent it, but in this case let it slide.  The Erosion sink is the signature sink by Gore Design Co.  It is made with concrete, and it really looks as if a pool of water has etched and formed sinking profiles overtime leading to the drain.  The interesting texture formed by light on the “levels of wear” are fascinating.Gore Design Co. is a vanguard artisan studio specializing in custom concrete surfaces and interiors. Countertops, sinks, furniture, architectural elements – all handcrafted using pioneering eco-friendly techniques.

 erosion concrete sink

Their designs are inventive and fun, like the button and colored stone inlay details they fabricated for Bistro tables, or punches of color infused into the concrete via recycled glass aggregate, polished to a smooth finish.The best part is truly the green motto in the studio: No plastics, no chemical finishes, no heavy-metal pigments. Reclaimed and non-toxic materials. Pieces infused with nature’s patterns and idiosyncrasies. Design that recognizes that nature is the canvas and the palette, not just the easel.

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