Antilla: The World’s First Billion Dollar Home

antilla billion dollar home
Off the coast of beautiful Mumbai, Antilla, the world’s first billion dollar home is under works for petrochemicals leader Mukesh Ambani and his wife and three children. This 27 storey tower of finery houses a plethora of practical features such as: nine elevators, an incredible ballroom, a professional home theatre, an indoor/ outdoor health level complete with juice bar and yoga/ dance studios,  6 stories of garage space, an upper level for entertaining with floor to ceiling windows for fabulous views of the Arabian sea and Mumbai, and much much more.

antilla ballroom

The elegant ballroom caught my eye.  I am always up for fun lighting and design, and I love the fact that almost 80% of the ceiling is just dripping with crystal chandeliers.  You can just feel the ambiance already.  Click on this link to view some of the other rooms Antilla has to offer.

*Now a question to you; if money was absolutely not an object and you could build a lofty estate, what would it feature? Would it be one sprawling level with English gardens and an art gallery for your Renoir’s? Would it have an ultra mod and sleek minimalist approach packed with technology for easy living? I would be interested to know.

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