exterior lighting nightscaping church house toronto

Ah nightscaping, the art of illuminating the exterior of your home, pathways and endlessly manicured botanicals. The image above is a church in Toronto that has been converted into a home. The landscaper fortunately added pathway lighting that gives it a very welcoming feel. A few years ago we added a bricked shed in the furthest corner of our property and finished it with two hanging coach-house lights, a single flip of the switch instantly extends our property and view in the cool summer evenings. We have since added LED pot lights in our soffits to accentuate coffered corners on the exterior of our house. We have sincerely enjoyed our property so much more with this attention to light. If you have water features, consider underwater lighting, if you have lovely gardens and beautiful trees, you should consider back, down and/or up lighting to enhance and enjoy your property when the sun starts to set a little earlier.

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