Vessel Sink in a Kitchen

timpani vessel sink lavatory from Kohler in Kitchen design by Cynthia Leibrock

Designer Cynthia Leibrock has spent three years renovating Green Mountain Ranch to be a universally designed home they can live in for the rest of their lives. It is a beautiful home that marries function and gorgeous aesthetics in the best design relationship I have seen. The kitchen is another great example of accessibility and looks. There are few upper cabinets, but the lowers are made of Santos Rosewood and that veneer has been carried up to the ceiling to continue the look of the interesting grains of the wood. What I love the most about this kitchen is the Timpani Vessel Lavatory Sink by Kohler that sits on the antimicrobial countertop. Usually used in bathrooms, this sink becomes a fun prep sink for guests to use if they are helping out without getting in the way of the hostess.  Bowls on counters as a accent are common, but this is a new twist that will get plenty of use.

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